Search and Rescue works because of a dedicated group of volunteers.   This dedicated group of volunteers come from all walks of life including mechanics, postal workers, accountants, outdoor guides, doctors, marketers, construction workers and more.   Get to know who we are as an organization and find out what makes us tick and what we do outside of Search and Rescue.

Meet Nancy Dwyer

When did you join CR search and rescue?

November  2017 after information session I applied.

Why did you join search and rescue?

I had wanted to join SAR for years but due to my work commitments I couldn’t until now . I wanted to volunteer in my community in a way that allows me to help others and use my love of the outdoors to assist others that are lost or injured.
I also wanted to volunteer with a group of like minded people who work as a team to achieve a common purpose and have a common vision. 

What’s been the most rewarding part of being apart of search and rescue?

Being a part of a provincial community of search and rescue volunteers that the public knows will freely assist them in times of need.

What do you do outside of search and rescue?

I love to exercise and jump in fresh water , ride my bike , ski , dance and drink Decaf Tim Hortons coffee with friends !


For those interested in joining Campbell River Search and Rescue you can fill out an “membership application form“.  We will be hosting an open house October 11th at 7:00pm at the SAR hall as well.