Campbell River Search and Rescue would like to announce to the public that 2014 was a remarkable year for this all-volunteer group. Our approximately 40 members gave an extraordinary amount of their time. After a slow start to the year, our services were requested 48 times; a record high in the 38-year history of the group.

Our members routinely drop whatever they are doing to go out and help, whether it is to slog through wet bush, or hike up a steep trail in the dark. Many of them put in extra hours of training in order to qualify for specialty rescue teams such as Alpine, Swiftwater, Rope rescue and helicopter long-line. Others have fully qualified search dogs, and still others have expertise in areas like mapping, search management and radio communications.

In fact, in 2014 our members logged over 7,000 hours of training, call-outs, maintenance, fund-raising & publicity, and administration. With unrecorded contribution, the real total is even higher.

One of the next items we are looking forward to on our calendar is the training of this year’s new recruits. Over a dozen new members will attend 80 hours of classroom and outdoor training. By the beginning of May they will be qualified to join searches – just in time for the busy season again.

We would particularly like to thank the following:
1- our many donors, both private and corporate;
2- the RCMP detachments of the North Island, as well as B.C. Ambulance Service;
3- West Coast, Grizzly and E&B Helicopters;
4- All those employers who let our members leave work when someone needed our services.

For those curious about who we are and what we do, please have a look at our website: For those willing to help contribute to the high cost of training and equipping our members, there is also a link to our donation service.