Water Rescue

CRSAR has a team of members trained to perform water and swift water/flood rescues.

Swift water rescue takes specialized training and equipment and regular practice in our local waters to remain familiar with the water systems and the ever changing list of hazards that can be found on a river.

We maintain a team of highly skilled water rescue technicians that work together as a team to deploy and affect a rescue on any water way on the North Island.

Rescuers wear a dry suit, gloves, helmet, PFD, and footwear designed for a swift water environment. Inflatable kayaks are used to travel downstream or cross a river and can be deflated and rolled up if they are being transported by helicopter for remote area access.

Specialized rope rescue equipment is used to facilitate river crossings and subject recovery. Ropes are designed to float and are narrower to reduce resistance when in the water. Connectors and other devices are made of aluminum to keep weight down and make transport and swimming easier.

While a frozen lake or pond is not commonly found in our area, the farther from the ocean and the higher into the mountains you climb, the more likely ice will be found. Due to our short and mild winter season, the ice that forms is rarely of suitable thickness to conduct any sort of activities.

We have an ice rescue team as a component of our water rescue team.