A new technological game changer is set to roll out for CR SAR. Reliable high speed low latency internet from Starlink by SpaceX has hit the vast territory and rugged remote areas of Vancouver Island. “Starlink will make accessing resources, experts, and valuable tools possible in any terrain,” said Dylan “It won’t remove the need to look at dirt, but it will have a huge impact on the command side of a task. We’ll be able to do thorough research, coordinate with our tasking partners, EMBC, and consult with level 2 SAR managers much more easily,” Starlink should also enhance on task safety and efficacy with real time tracking of personnel, increased usage of topographic mapping apps and enhanced communication.


A day at the crags near Campbell River lead to terrific training around climbing and ropes related skills and provided a wonderful opportunity for mentorship and exposure to rope rescue skills for some of our newer members.


The CR SAR Hall Expansion is taking shape! In addition to housing our equipment, it will drastically improve our response and training capabilities by providing additional space upstairs for training and downstairs for a future Response vehicle. The expansion should help CR SAR keep up with providing the same great response service in the future from the Oyster River to Cape Scott and beyond.


If you have ever thought about contributing to our volunteer response capabilities and/or expansion project, now is a great time! Check out our website for details. 

Whether your activity is during Summer or winter, on land on water anywhere in Canada, remember the Three T’s and follow the steps.


With 17 tasks already in the books for 2022 and the busy season approaching, members recently completed vehicle and equipment checks to ensure readiness and response capabilities.


The word is out about the spectacular outdoor playground we affectionately call a home. CR SAR has had a 400% increase in activations between just 2013 and 2020.  We need to expand our capacity to respond!