The number of Search and Rescue incidents in B.C. is growing at an alarming rate, the annual increase, with that number still rising, will once again be a record. B.C. has over 1,500 incidents involving more than 2,000 people a year, which is more than the rest of Canada combined! Campbell River Search and Rescue (CRSAR) alone responded to approximately 30 calls in 2015. Many of the incidents involve visitors to the Province, as well as citizens, accessing the backcountry near urban centers. We need you to help us bring that number down by reducing the number and severity of incidents in the province. AdventureSmart is a national SAR prevention program dedicated to encourage outdoor enthusiasts and residents of British Columbia to “Get informed and go outdoors”. AdventureSmart delivers programs throughout Canada, visiting schools, camps, recreation centres, tourist destinations, ski hills, and outdoor clubs educating participants and attending community events. CRSAR is a proud supporter of the AdventureSmart program and has a number of trained presenters that want to encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors safely by taking one of our free safety presentations. AdventureSmart and CRSAR are committed to educating the public about the inherent risks involved when enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking in BC’s beautiful natural playground. Most importantly, we want to encourage outdoor enthusiasts to always follow the 3 T’s:

  1. Trip Plan
  2. Train
  3. Take Essentials

By following these three easy steps, AdventureSmart believes that outdoor recreationalists will significantly improve their chances of survival should they become hurt or lost.

You can find additional information about how to book an AdventureSmart presentation for your school or adventure group at the CRSAR website here:

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“Get informed and go outdoors”