Campbell River Search & Rescue (CRSAR) responded to two separate incidents on Sunday, July 30. The first call was a request from the Emergency Co-ordination Centre (ECC) in Victoria for assistance to help Naniamo Search & Rescue look for an elderly gentleman who was reported missing in the Naniamo River Road area. The request was for ground search specialists as well as rope rescue and swift water specialists to attend the search effort the following morning.

While preparations were being made for this a second call from ECC alerted CRSAR that an injured hiker in the Bedwell Lakes area of Strathcona Park need to be evacuated and transported to Campbell River for medical attention. A team of four SAR members were assembled and transported by helicopter to the Bedwell area. The injured hiker was located at Baby Bedwell Lake. The helicopter was able to land close to the injured hiker. She was assisted into the helicopter and returned to Campbell River with the SAR team. An ambulance was sent to the helicopter base to transport her to Campbell River hospital where she was treated for her injuries.  This operation was concluded with 20 minutes of daylight flying time left for the helicopter pilot. Quick response by all parties involved was critical in making this operation a success.

While this second operation was going on CRSAR received a call from the search manager in Naniamo. The subject of that search had been located and assistance from CRSAR was no longer needed. Both operations were stood down at 10:30 pm and all members returned home.