At 1:45 a.m. Sunday morning an automated dispatch service telephoned all 60 phone numbers where Campbell River Search and Rescue`s members can be reached. “A 74 year old male has been reported overdue from an afternoon fishing trip to Amor Lake. Please meet at the hall as soon as possible to launch a search.” Nine members did respond, and by shortly after first light, the team had searched most of the shoreline and found the man. He had lost his bearings when his boat was spun around a few times in the excitement of bringing in a good-sized trout. Running low on battery power for his electric trolling motor, and recognizing that darkness was coming, he had headed for a nearby beach and hunkered down for the night.

Search and Rescue members were able to get the man fed and warmed up by a fire, while plans were made to get him a ride back to his truck. The rescue team would like to remind everyone venturing outdoors to be head out fully prepared. Details are available on their website: