Campbell River SAR was busy Monday night formulating a plan to locate and transport two overdue hikers from a remote area near Red Pillar Mountain. The pair had started their trip from the Flower Ridge trailhead and intended to be back in Victoria on Monday. RCMP was contacted by concerned family members and Campbell River SAR was activated.

The pair of hikers were not injured and were not in any danger from technical terrain. They were simply over extended and in a location that would have required an additional one to two days hiking to return to their start point. They were able to communicate their location via text messages to family members at the trailhead. Those messages were relayed in turn to SAR members as a plan was being put together to get them back.

Transportation was arranged through one of the local helicopter companies that had a machine and pilot available for Tuesday morning. At 8 am the helicopter left Campbell River with one SAR member aboard and headed for Tezla Lake. This was the last known location of the pair of hikers. The two hikers were located on a ridge above the lake and boarded the helicopter for a flight back to the trailhead. Family members were at the trailhead to meet the pair.

The helicopter with the SAR member returned to Campbell River at 9 am and the operation was stood down.