On Sunday, July 16, Campbell River SAR was tasked by BC Ambulance to attend to an injured hiker who had sustained burns to both legs while on a backpacking trip with family. The young man was preparing a breakfast meal when he spilled boiling water on his legs. The group was able contact emergency services through the use of an InReach communication device. An ambulance was dispatched to the Landslide Lake trailhead to wait for the injured person.

Four members of CRSAR were transported by helicopter to the campsite where the injury happened. The young man and his mother were flown out to the trailhead and were handed over to the care of the ambulance attendants who transported the young man to Campbell River hospital for further care. SAR members returned to Campbell River and the operation was stood down at 5 pm.

This incident demonstrates the value of communication devices like Spot locator beacons or InReach two way texting devices in enabling emergency communications in areas where cell coverage is non existent and remote locations dictate long travel times on foot to summon help. A nod of appreciation needs to be extended to Grizzly Helicopters for their quick response in transporting SAR members to and from the scene. And a reminder to everyone enjoying the backcountry that surrounds us to be mindful of what can happen unexpectedly and what is involved in resolving an incident like this.