Response 1

A Dodge Ram 5500 with a custom box, Response 1 is our primary initial response vehicle for both searches and (land-based) rescues.

Our priority when we purchased this truck was to get a vehicle powerful enough to carry an assortment of essential gear as well as up to 5 of our members and tough enough to handle the winding logging roads we so regularly ask it to drive.

Response 1 carries a wide variety of gear including:

  • Extensive first aid supplies such as oxygen and an AED
  • Basic SAR supplies like batteries, glow sticks, flagging tape and bear spray
  • Essential communications equipment such as radios
  • A wide assortment of specialized rope-rescue equipment
  • Personal protective equipment to keep our members safe in a variety of situations and environments, from road-side activity to shoreline searches
  • Two stretchers ready to carry an injured subject along the ground or up a steep slope assisted by ropes.  For longer trails, we also have a large wheel we can attach to make the trip smoother for the subject, and a bit less work for our searchers

You’ll also notice the vehicle is equipped with lights and sirens for when an urgent response is needed.  Just as you would for Fire, Police and Ambulance, it is essential that other motorists move safely out of the way and let our crews get where they’re going as fast as possible.

We hope you’ve enjoyed that quick peek at our newly updated Response 1.  We’re planning a profile on our other two response vehicles soon: Response 2 which covers swiftwater and helicopter rescues, and our Mobile Command Centre.

Response 1 ready to roll!

Always amazing how much stuff we can store in here!