Search and Rescue works because of a dedicated group of volunteers.   This dedicated group of volunteers come from all walks of life including mechanics, postal workers, accountants, outdoor guides, doctors, marketers, construction workers and more.   Get to know who we are as an organization and find out what makes us tick and what we do outside of Search and Rescue.


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Meet Sheila Fairbank


When did you join CR search and rescue?

I joined SAR 5.5 years ago.

Why did you join search and rescue?

It had long been of interest to me, and my partner was already a member. Our kids had finally come to the stage where they were independent enough to be left to fend for themselves for a period of time, so I didn’t need to be the one staying home with them while my partner went out on call outs. I was very interested in training a search dog, and found some members willing to mentor me in that. After a few years and a long learning curve, my dog Pickle and I are now a validated K9 wilderness search team.

What’s been the most rewarding part of being apart of search and rescue?

The most rewarding part of that has been the amazing people I have met in SAR, and the sense of community within the group, as well as the satisfaction of doing something that gives back to the community in a unique way.

What do you do outside of search and rescue?

Outside of SAR I’m into various outdoor pursuits such as hiking, kayaking, and cross-country skiing, and my other superpower is teaching little kids how to read and do math (I’m an elementary special ed teacher)


For those interested in joining Campbell River Search and Rescue you can fill out an “membership application form“.  We will be hosting an open house October 11th at 7:00pm at the SAR hall as well.