Search and Rescue works because of a dedicated group of volunteers.   This dedicated group of volunteers come from all walks of life including mechanics, postal workers, accountants, outdoor guides, doctors, marketers, construction workers and more.   Get to know who we are as an organization and find out what makes us tick and what we do outside of Search and Rescue.


Meet Dan Toonders

When did you join CR search and rescue?

 I joined SAR in 2018 and am current a probationary member in training

Why did you join search and rescue?

I joined SAR because I have been an active member of the outdoor community for many years and I was looking to give back to that community. I lived in Alberta for 6 years and I always looked up to and respected the professional search and rescue organizations that look after Banff National Park and the surrounding area. With BC’s Search and Rescue Organizations being totally volunteer I was excited by the opportunity to get involved.

What’s been the most rewarding part of being apart of search and rescue?

As a new member the sense of community has been incredible. SAR has taken the skills that I already had and built upon them to make me a valuable team member. I love the energy and anticipation that rises each time we get a call out and head to the hall to go on a search or rescue. I am eagerly looking forward to the new rope rescue training and certifications.

What do you do outside of search and rescue?

Outside of SAR I spend my working hours as the Branch Manager at the Bank of Montreal. But my spare time is spent mountain biking, mountaineering, climbing and backpacking.


For those interested in joining Campbell River Search and Rescue you can fill out an “membership application form“.  We will be hosting an open house October 11th at 7:00pm at the SAR hall as well.