Search and Rescue works because of a dedicated group of volunteers.   This dedicated group of volunteers come from all walks of life including mechanics, postal workers, accountants, outdoor guides, doctors, marketers, construction workers and more.   Get to know who we are as an organization and find out what makes us tick and what we do outside of Search and Rescue.


Meet Eric Teramura


When did you join CR search and rescue?

I joined Campbell River Search and Rescue in the spring of 2018

Why did you join search and rescue?

Being in search and rescue is something I have always wanted to be a part of . It probably started 25 years ago when my grandmother became lost mushroom picking near whistler, in what seemed like an instant, there were almost 30 sar members all looking for her well into the night, all happy to be there. She was found the next morning, cold, in shock but alive. After hugging each and everyone of them I knew how great it would be to be a part of SAR.

What’s been the most rewarding part of being apart of search and rescue?

The most rewarding part of SAR for me would be the people, the members are amazing! Their skills, knowledge and devotion to the team are incredible, they just don’t ever seem to stop wanting to learn new skills that would better the team and to be a part of that is pretty sweet.  I also couldn’t be happier that my best friend and wife joined SAR with me, its been really great to learn and grow together in such a stellar atmosphere.

What do you do outside of search and rescue?

For smiles, you’ll find me riding my bike, working on trails, climbing, and exploring with my family to find the next swimming hole.
For work, I am a heavy duty mechanic at a dealership in town, repairing forestry, construction, and mining equipment.




For those interested in joining Campbell River Search and Rescue you can fill out an “membership application form“.  We will be hosting an open house October 11th at 7:00pm at the SAR hall as well.