Search and Rescue works because of a dedicated group of volunteers.   This dedicated group of volunteers come from all walks of life including mechanics, postal workers, accountants, outdoor guides, doctors, marketers, construction workers and more.   Get to know who we are as an organization and find out what makes us tick and what we do outside of Search and Rescue.


Meet Scott Ballhorn

When did you join CR search and rescue?


Why did you join search and rescue?

It was the perfect opportunity to combine my passion for the outdoors with volunteering in the community. 

What’s been the most rewarding part of being apart of search and rescue?

The people that make up CRSAR and SAR throughout the province have been great: such a diverse and talented group of individuals that contribute so much to the province of BC.  The quality of training is also top notch so you are constantly improving yourself whether its a leadership course, first aid course, swift water course or more.

What do you do outside of search and rescue?

Outside of SAR I like to mountain bike, white water kayak, climb, play hockey, golf and for work I am the Marketing Coordinator for the Campbell River Golf and Country.


For those interested in joining Campbell River Search and Rescue you can fill out an “membership application form“.  We will be hosting an open house October 11th at 7:00pm at the SAR hall as well.